For my Birthday, I got the same thing as Christmas

Here I am again after a rather long hiatus. Last I posted was at the end of November 2013, when I visited a really cool café/pub close to the University. A lot of water has flown under the bridge since then, and I shall give a synopsis thereof in this post

I’ve been busy in Japan with research and leisure. I find my area of work interesting and fun, and it also helps that I can get solid results with just four to six weeks of work. There’s little chance of me losing motivation in such a scenario. I’ve had my ups and downs, of course, but mostly all ups.

For Christmas I went out drinking with friends, and then to karaoke. I don’t know exactly what happened but between the drinks and the karaoke, we were joined by a group of total strangers. It doubled the fun. On 29. December, I went to a club in Japan for the first time ever. I don’t remember much on account of being completely plastered before I even set foot out of the house, and then dancing all night. For the New Year, a group of us went to a lounge, which in all honesty was rather disappointing because it was actually a lounge, and a rather small one at that. These two events, combined with a cold and the New ear holidays, completely rodgered my internal clock.

In January, I went home to India for a few days for my cousin’s wedding. It was a grand affair, and frankly I will use it as the archetype for mine. Whenever that is. It was a whole lot of fun, and I was wired due to lack of sleep for most of it. I didn’t really pay attention to the wedding, in truth, as I was busy catching up with a number of college friends. And this quick trip didn’t help my internal clock any.

And then there was the trip to Bremen. I returned to complete my (second) Master Degree and graduate. That was the official reason, And it was something I was determined to do but I really wanted to return for other reasons. I even had a list of things I wanted to do while in Bremen, but I only actually did two of them. But the most important reasons I went back – to hang out with two good friends, one my best friend – were successfully overachieved. And though I graduated with an average grade, I’m more than happy because it was my presentation that was at fault more than my work.

I returned to Japan about a fortnight ago, and immediately launched into my work. It’s not particularly busy at the moment, but starting next week, I will be. Since my cells, some of them, will finally have grown enough.

On the evening of 10. April I went to the recruitment of the canoe club (北大カヌー部). It was either that or the Cycle club, but since I can cycle by myself to any where and any time (and since I’ve cycled so long that I can kick like a mule) I chose the canoe club. I don’t quite know how things work here, but it appears that the students shop around until they find a club they like. On the other hand, I went because I really want to join. I’m the only foreigner (non-Japanese) there, so I can definitely work on my Japanese – and it needs a lot of work.

I’ve scheduled this to post on my birthday, which is the reason for the title: for my birthday, as for Christmas, I got fat.