Shoulael’s Eclectic Encounters in Sapporo!

After a very long time in Japan, I am back in India. Yes, I know this blog was pretty much dead, but this is a good way to revive it, methinks. As the title says, I’ve been to more than a few places in and around Sapporo, and here I will list the best of them, the places that will forever be in my heart, my memories, and my taste buds. Primarily my taste buds, since I am a bit of a gourmand/trencherman. Also listed will be a few other experiences that I believe are worth pursuing if you happen to be in the right place at the right time.

As a caveat, I will only be writing about things I have experienced here. Things I wish I had experienced, or learnt about too late to experience, go in another page.

Without any further ado, here is the list of experiences:


  • Tepp’s
  • ガンゲット・ダイマ (Guinguette Daima)
  • Jazz Bar Jamaica
  • Otaru Beer Leibespeise
  • Kotobuki Coffee
  • North Island Beer
  • Tsuki to Taiyo
  • Bossa
  • 山次郎 (Yamajirou)
  • Jiro
  • Danys Restaurant
  • 雨はNo.2 (Ame wa No. 2)
  • Beer Cellar Sapporo
  • より道どころ えぞまつ
  • スープカレー心
  • Alice &sweets!sweets!buffet!
  • Jacksonville
  • Electric Sheep Bar/電気羊酒場
  • Arguila
  • Café View
  • Shirokuma Café
  • Kalahana
  • BishiBashi
  • Midnight Bakery
  • ひやまる
  • みよしの
  • Ice Cream 佐藤
  • Gyoza Bar
  • 和食家 駿


  • JoinAlive
  • Tobiu Camp
  • 森のカフェフェス
  • Biei Century Ride